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Data Fulfillment

Enhance the relationship between your readers, your advertisers and your publication by offering a Reader Service program.

Ai Data Services Group provides a range of data entry services including Reader Service card fulfillment (traditional and web-based), advertiser/lead fulfillment, member fulfillment, warranty card registration, survey fulfillment, sweepstakes fulfillment, and data entry.

For Publishers
Provide online reporting access
Ensure reliable budgeting
Track and monitor leads
Consolidate web and BRC reporting
Evaluate marketing effectiveness
Integrate subscription and product fulfillment

For Advertisers
Generate leads online
Access leads online 24/7
Prequalify sales leads
Receive leads the day after processing

We can help develop or refine your fulfillment programs, providing solutions that will increase your turn-around time and delivery and improve your overall customer satisfaction.
ai Data Services Group
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Connie Colletta-Zoucha, Owner/Director, Data Services Group

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ai Data Services Group
Ai Data Services Group is a BBB Accredited Fulfillment Service in Omaha, NE
Connie Colletta-Zoucha, Owner/Director, Data Service Group

Efficient and effective...

Connie Colletta-Zoucha

Owner/Director, ai Data Services Group
Our data services team helps companies by focusing on efficient and effective data gathering and reporting. We perform a range of backend data entry services from reader service entry to sweepstakes fulfillment. When all is said and done, you will have all of your data ready to use in your future marketing and research activities.