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1. We asked our present Reader Service Provider to maintain historical information that goes back several years can this data be transferred if we change providers?
  Yes. We currently maintain 2 years of active information for our customers and store several years in our tape library. All we need is a flat ASCII File of your data.
2. If I elect to change Reader Service Providers what happens to my mail during the change over?
  In most cases our customers file a change of address for their mail to be forwarded to their new mail box.
3. Does your service provide an issue set-up prior to your issue print date?
  Yes. We provide this service at no charge to our customers. We found our customers prefer to have one last look at the list of advertisers and there number assignment prior to their issue print date.
4. I’m interested in implementing one of your WARP applications for a contest idea we have, how long does it take your organization to activate your application?
  Depending on the size and scope, our professionals usually finishes these applications within 3 to 4 days.

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